Organic Low Sugar Chocolate Drops - lower-carb*, vegan, and sweetened with erythritol

€5,99 €31,53 / kg
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  • lowercarb*- sweetened with erythritol
  • for a sugar-reduced diet
  • no dairy - a great alternative to conventional chocolate

€5,99 €31,53 / kg

Perfect as a topping for your porridge

Our Organic Workout Chocolate Drops have 90% less carbohydrates compared to regular chocolate

Melted or as drops - always delicious!



Nutritional Values

Our organic chocolate drops with sweetener erythritol

  • Organic chocolate in small drops with no added sugar - instead with erythritol.
  • perfect for baking chocolate chip cookies, as a topping for porridge and muesli, as an alternative to sweets and as a snack between meals.
  • Vegan and soy -free from 100% organic ingredients - unique on the German market
  • Reduced sugar: 5 g usable carbohydrates (carbohydrates minus polyhydric alcohols) per 100 g Organic Workout Chocolate Drops 90% less compared to conventional chocolate (52g per 100g)

Organic cocoa mass, sweetener: organic erythritol, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, organic inulin, emulsifier: organic sunflower lecithin
Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g:
Energy: 1767 kJ / 429 kcal
Fat: 39 g
of which saturated fat 24 g
Carbohydrates: 33 g
of which sugar 1.3 g
of which polyhydric alcohols 28 g
Dietary fiber: 16.3 g
Protein: 6.5 g
Salt: 0.03 g