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We offer 4 payment methods: Prepayment, Paypal, Sofortüberweisung and credit card.

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We try to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. We do not pass on the currently rising prices to the customer 1:1, but are happy to pay a surcharge - but we ask for your indulgence that we can only offer the free surcharge for larger shopping baskets.

Goods post Germany:
from 0 kg = €2.99

Goods mail international
(Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland):
from 0 kg = €3.90
from 0.5 kg = €5.90


0-1kg = €3.29
1-2 kg = €3.90
2 kg and more = €5.90
€65.00 and more = free

DHL Zone 1 (Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic):
0-1kg = €6.90
1-2 kg = €8.90
2 kg and more = €11.90
€100.00 and more = free

DHL Zone 2 (Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Andorra, Croatia, Slovenia):
from 0 kg = €14.90

DHL Zone 3 (Greece, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus):
from 0 kg = €19.90

World package DHL (Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, Canada, USA, Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Argentina, China, VR, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong):
from 0 kg = €39.90

UK Shipping (Great Britain):
from 0 kg = €2.90
from 0.5 kg = €3.90

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FAQs about our products

If you followed the liquid and temperature instructions exactly, next time try a) making your oven a little warmer or b) turning the bread earlier.

Every child knows that sweets are unhealthy. But there is an exception! Sounds too good to be true? Normally the calculation doesn't add up, but we took a closer look at erythritol and can say - in this case it does!

Here is the article with all the information

A common question we get is: what is the difference between the lower carb mix and the paleo mix?

Here is the answer on our blog

What is low carb? With a low-carb diet, you consume fewer carbohydrates compared to the average diet. The personal amount of “tolerable” carbohydrates depends heavily on daily activity. But also from genetic conditions and the general state of health.

To the informative blog article

Anyone who moves a little more and does sports should at some point get past the topic of macronutrients and the proportion of protein in their own diet; because it not only plays a major role when it comes to muscle building, but also when it comes to regeneration and maintaining health.

More on the topic on our blog

Yes, the prerequisite is an acidity of 5%.

Anyone who has been following us for a long time knows that we are critical of dairy products. On the one hand, there are health aspects that go hand in hand with the consumption of the “usual” amounts in our society.

Here is the detailed information in the blog article

Since our nut creams do not contain any stabilizers or the like, the oil from the nut butter can settle. Simply stir the nut cream well and the cream is ready to enjoy again.

If you want to eat healthy, there are some foods that you should definitely avoid. The prime example: refined sugar – logical! Bad for the teeth and lots of simple carbs that hit the hips. But gluten, on the other hand?

Somehow many people don't quite understand why more and more people prefer a gluten-free diet. In this blog article we want to clarify what gluten actually is and what makes it so problematic.

No, unfortunately our bread baking mix is ​​not suitable for baking machines. Actually, you don't need this. The bread does not contain yeast, so you don't have to let it rise. It is stirred and is in the oven within 3 minutes.

There are many reasons to go on a low carb diet. At a certain point, however, most people miss bread, cake, pizza, etc. Fortunately, there are now some flours that have very few carbohydrates and are wonderfully suitable for baking.

Here is the full blog article

Wondering why we changed our Paleo baking mix recipe? In this article we would like to explain why we have included the protein bomb apricot kernel flour in our recipe. Here's the answer .

Since our baking mixes do not use yeast as a raising agent, there is no time to "let them rise".

A number of studies show that increasing the surface area by grinding the nuts coupled with exposure to moderate heat during baking does not rapidly increase the level of oxidized fats. Scientists attribute this to the very high levels of vitamin E and flavonoids in nuts and seeds, which act as very powerful antioxidants. It is also good to know that, for example, the smoke point of almond oil is 216°C and that of sunflower oil is 227°C. These are far from being achieved when baking our baking mix. Much of our fat comes from whole nuts and seeds anyway, where they are better protected from oxidation. In addition, we only use heavily de-oiled flours to further reduce potential oxidation.

FAQs about our Subscriptions

Go to "My Account" on our homepage. Here you log in as normal. To get to your subscriptions, scroll down once until you get to "Subscription Login". Here you can log in with your email and password. Now you can view and manage your subscriptions here.
That depends entirely on you. You choose the interval at which you would like to receive your deliveries. At this interval, your product will be delivered to you regularly until you cancel your subscription.
We offer you a delivery at regular intervals. Either every month, every 2 months or every 3 months.
The products are automatically delivered to your home. You decide for yourself at what rhythm you want to receive your delivery. Payment is made via an automatic Paypal payment or credit card payment.

All subscriptions can be easily cancelled after the second delivery.
Yes, for a few days or several weeks, as it suits you best. No problem at all
Your subscription is already worthwhile after the first delivery. Because with our subscriptions you always save 10% on the selling price.
Yes, you can add as many products as you want in advance to each upcoming delivery.
Payment is made via an automatic Paypal payment or credit card payment.
You can edit your subscription in your subscription account on our website and customize it for yourself. Here you can change your subscription product, pause it or adjust the distances/time of your delivery.
If you want to pause your subscription for a certain period of time, that's no problem. You can easily select this option in your subscription account.
The subscription can be easily cancelled in your subscription account after the second delivery. Simply select a subscription scroll down and click on "Cancel subscription".